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  1. Insurance coverage not listing Alfa?

    Alfa Romeo Club of Canada (ARCC)
    Hi all, I'm considering buying a 1997 Alfa GTV6. The problem I'm having is that Ontario insurance quotes are useless! They don't even list our beloved cars. I never had this issue with my 75QV, because it was never registered nor insured - it was never road-worthy, we had to replace the timing...
  2. Alfa insurance questions

    Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    Thinking about giving Hagerty and others a spin for my 74 Spider and 89 Milano. The only problem so far is that Hagerty only insures 89 cars that are over $15,000, short of what Milanos sell for these days. The reason why is that I want my Spider to include the modifications I made to it and...