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  1. Do we have any Czech members here?

    Off-Topic Talk
    So, any chance we have a Czech member or two on these forums? Somewhat interested in obtaining an engine and supporting ECU, wiring, etc. from a superbike made there. Or maybe a salvage bike. I don't speak the language or know anyone there. This is the bike, FGR FACTORY 6 cyl, 2.5 liter...
  2. Trying to register imported GTV6 in Canada

    Community Help
    Hi I am in the middle of registering my 1984 GTV6 that I had imported to Canada from the USA. In order to register the vehicle in Canada, I need a statement from the Manufacturer stating that there are no recall on the vehicle. I am having issues getting that information. I have looked online...
  3. Importing an Alfa from Europe to Canada

    Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    Anyone got experience in undertaking this under the 15 year rule? Any advice or contacts would be appreciated. Thanks