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  1. Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    Hi- I'm a newbie and am looking at getting a Spider. (Doing some research here before I pull the trigger.) So I'm short. :D 5"1' without a particularly long torso - I'm pretty evenly split. Will I be able to see over the dash? I'm going to test drive a 1982 Spider this weekend (1982 Alfa...
  2. Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    Finished rebuilding the engine and now looking for new tires. My current tire size is: 195/60R14 Without the aftermarket skid plate, and new motor mounts, the oil sump rides 4.75" off the ground with out me in it. I'm looking for the max ground clearance (via tire height) that won't rub...
1-2 of 2 Results