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  1. Headliner for Giulietta Sprint Speciale

    Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    Beside the car interiors, upholstery and door panels showed in our previous posts, here at Elvezio’s shop you can also order the headliner. We supply the headliner already cut and refined to be installed on the car. You can see the shape in the first picture above, while in the second you can...
  2. Converted headliner to BLACK, sunroof drains cleared!

    164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    SICK of looking at the awful gray crap. Why gray? Lighter inside? Anyways I don't care. I ripped it out earlier. The pillar trim is black and this will look better. Picked up some very cool, very lightweight black fabric (very similar to the Milano Verde type) from local place. Will post...