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  1. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Because mine is MIA :)
  2. GT (1963-1977)
    Is there one anywhere? The whole kit and kabbodle - engine and everything in the engine bay, the under the car fuel filter etc. with labels obviously. :o
  3. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    1974 Gtv - SOLD ***** Sold *****
  4. GT (1963-1977)
    Just looking for general advice on restoration from the experienced :) I am looking to turn end up with a street legal track day car rather than a "from the showroom" restoration. Two front seats and some kind of provision for my dog to ride in back when we go to the beach :lol: Advice on...
  5. Alfetta & GTV6 (1972-1986)
    I am looking into purchasing my first Alfa. I have owned several cars before including a Fiat Spider which I LOVED. I am wondering if this is a good buy? 1978 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT - $1500 Here's the Ad online Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT-VIDEO! The car wont pass a California smog test because it...
  6. Alfetta & GTV6 (1972-1986)
    Hey everyone! Maybe someone with more knowledge of the Alfetta GTV can answer this question for me? Were sunroofs a factory option on alfetta's, say, for a 1978 sprint veloce? I have seen many GTV6's with them, but not many alfettas...
  7. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Can someone please tell me where I can get new or used glass? Thanks. Neil Saaty San Pedro, Calif
  8. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I have been working with my mechanic for about 20 years, he has tons of great stuff and asked if I could post them for him, so here goes!! 2 complete sets of Milano tailights $200 for the pair or $100 each. 164 Original Carrello Headlight set with the sidelights/ both sides $150 each or $300...
  9. GT (1963-1977)
    Hi everybody, I currently have seized front brake calipers and am wondering if any other Oz owners of GTV 1750/2000's know whether I can get new calipers from and/or where I can get kits to fix up the old calipers. As usual, all your help is greatly appreciated. Regards, AusGTV2000 :)
  10. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    My car cover decided it wanted to grab the edge of my 29 year-old turn signal and break the UV damaged plastic on a cold morning. I would attempt a repair, but it decided to break the rest of the way off while driving and it is now lost forever. I'd like to get another set of the Euro signals...
  11. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Alfa Clearance Sale Alfetta - front doors, new rear bumper bar, Muffler, door lock button new, badge, mud flap, air pulley bearing, pedal pad, clutch fork, new headlight, wheel cap, Alfasud - new front bumper bar, new badge, headgasket, new headlight, wheel trim, Berlina - cooling hose...
  12. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    This car was parked in 1981 by the previous owner. It was a NJ car. I purchased a month ago with the intention of restoration over 1-2 yrs. I have taken trim off and interior out to assess the scope of work. Alas, the scope of body repair exceeds what I can accomplish in my garage. I'm...
  13. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hi folks, I am looking for a full set of the attached bumper blocks for a Giulia GTV 2000. These are the bakelite blocks that sit behind the bumper overiders and help to locate the overiders correctly on the bumper. There should be four of these on the car, each individually numbered. For...
  14. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    Fabulous GTAm wannabe RACECAR, 1971 w/2L. Another Fabulous 1971 Alfa GTV race car for sale. It is being built now, and will look very much like the car pictured and described here, but with small rear tail lights, and 1750 type front trim and grill, and the doors will be steel skins with both...
  15. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hi all, More stuff I'm looking for (1973 GTV): - Dash air vents (both sides) - "Fasten Seat Belts" dash sign - A pillar trims (both sides) - Original gear shift knob - Driver's side window cable (possibly with mechanism) - Heater lever trim plate - Green serpent side badges (back) and Bertone...
  16. GT (1963-1977)
    Just saw this on Ebay with 8 hours to go and only $2700 or so. Looks like a great car for a resto. I'm not close enough but any central California people may want to see this. eBay Motors: Alfa Romeo : 2000 GTV (item 320259638707 end time Jun-13-08 15:36:51 PDT)
  17. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    A recent addition to the universible household makes it necessary to part with my 74 GTV The specifics are posted below. If you'd like more info please email me ([email protected]), PM me or I guess you could also post questions here. I would be more than happy to talk over the phone...