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giulia sprint gt

  1. For Sale Giulia Sprint gt parts

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    What's left. Radiator, needs recoring, brake booster, gas tank, headlight buckets, rear glass, transmission, stepnose hood fair condition, trunk lid fair condition, hubcaps, front cross member, rear differential with axles and trailing arms, generator and 15" steel wheels. Thanks
  2. For Sale Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT & GTA & Radford Giulia GT Brochures

    Alfa Romeo Collectibles, Manuals For Sale, Wanted
    Hello, I recently acquired a substantial collection of 1960's brochures, in amongst them were a couple of brochures for the Giulia Sprint GT & Giulia Sprint GTA (one in English & one in French). There was also a brochure / flyer for the Harold Radford Giulia Sprint GT, a very interesting letter...
  3. Wanted Giulia Sprint GT Left grille piece

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hi, I am looking for the last piece to my grille for the Sprint GT I am restoring (well, save the 6-bar heart..). The left most piece (seen from the front) of the 4 part chromed grille for the Sprint GT. See picture. I know Alfaholics are making a stainless reproduction, but I have the rest in...
  4. Centro documentazione information mismatch?

    GT (1963-1977)
    I always check new bought cars with Marco Fazio from the Centro documentatione. Always in the past, the information I received from Alfa corresponded with my cars. My last buy is a Giulia Sprint GT from 1965 with a total unmolested and unrestored body. Never welded, original sills, wheelarches...
  5. Togi Alfa Romeo Giulia sprint GT wie neu Togi Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT - Red

    Alfa Romeo Collectibles, Manuals For Sale, Wanted
    Togi Alfa Romeo Giulia sprint GT wie neu Togi Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT - Red | eBay weltweiter Versand, worldwide shipping absolut perfekter Zustand, wie neu, war immer in der Vitrine und dabei ist er aus den sechzigern Die im Maßstab 1/23 gehaltenen Modelle von Togi waren schon als sie...
  6. 65 Giulia Sprint GT Interior

    GT (1963-1977)
    Can anyone help me find out which interior colors would be correct for my 1965 Giulia Sprint GT. The exterior is Bluette. I've been thinking about finishing the interior in an Oxblood/Burgundy color, but would also like to know what would have been correct at the time as well (and if that color...
  7. For Sale NOS Stock

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Sold sold sold long gone!
  8. Wanted-vent window for 68 Giula Sprint

    Alfa Romeo Club of Canada (ARCC)
    Need a drivers side, non-tinted, front vent window and hardware for a 1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT. PM with details, thanks. I'm in Sudbury.