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  1. Sedan (1962-1977)
    So I bought myself a 1971 1300 Super as my first actual car purchase a few days ago and proceeded to drive it back 300 km's immediately which went as well as can be expected. Biggest problem being that the right front passenger door doesn't stay latched. Any reasonably big bump or a left turn...
  2. Giulietta & Giulia (1954-65)
    Hi! I’m looking for more info on Giulia/Giulietta Spider racers, if you can help I haven’t been able to find much online but maybe I’ve not searched well enough. Were there many of these cars raced back in the day? I’ve found lots of replicas. How can you tell them apart? I’m also looking to...
  3. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    Hello everyone, I am assisting a fellow Alfisti in selling his 1966 Alfa Giulia Ti. It stared its life in Italy, then was vintage rallied in Netherlands before restoration and importation to California. Many cool period modifications including upgraded springs & shocks, twin Dellorto Carbs...
  4. Alfa Romeo Videos
    Hello everyone, I created this driving video on the San Francisco Peninsula for a client's gorgeous '66 Ti we have for sale. Thought you might want to check it out...
  5. Alfa Romeo Videos
    Hey guys, this job is easily underestimated, it took me three times as long as I thought. Now they're nicely repaired and that's all that counts. All the best Johannes
  6. Alfa Romeo Videos
    Hey guys, the area where rear doors meet the fender with their bead - holy moly, most challenging metal shaping work anywhere at any car. All the best Johannes
  7. New Members Introductions - Please Read
    Hi all! My name is Ernst, a new AlfaBB member from the Netherlands. Currently rebuilding a Giulia 1.3 Super (1973) and always trying to find information on the 105/115 series.
  8. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hi all, I have recently acquired a 1972 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super in Indonesia and I'm looking for a RHD dashboard in good condition.
  9. Car Restoration
    Hi, :surprise: I have a 1965 Giulia GT I am in the early process of restoring, the wheels Ii have look standard Alfa Issue of the period but the hub caps I have not seen like this before. Has anyone seen these, are they Standard Alfa issue for my car? They give the impression of a knock on...
  10. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Looking for a 105 jack for parts. Specifically the hinged lifting arm, w or w/o the attaching bracket. Thanks
1-12 of 12 Results