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  1. Fulvia S1 - opening the hood - broken cable

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    Apologies if this has been answered previously. I have a Fulvia S1 and the hood cable has come lose at the latch, how do I open the hood from the outside? Thanks
  2. Lancia Fulvia help

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    Hi all I am currently looking at buying a Lancia Fulvia but don't know a huge amount about the cars. I've looked at quite a few cars on the internet to help determine what series I want etc and stumbled across an old posting on Bring a trailer. They had listed a car that I just love the look...
  3. Looking to buy a Lancia Fulvia

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    I sold my S2 coupe back in 2010 and have been suffering from chronic seller's remorse. Anybody know of any for sale? Thanks Chris
  4. My "new" Lancia

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    Hello AlfaBB! I've only been lurking on this forum as I prepared to make my car purchase. Now, with the arrival of my 1967 Lancia Fulvia 2C, I'm now ready to take my place amongst you. More accurately, I'm getting ready to ask lots of silly questions. For the time being, just looking to see...
  5. Need help pricing a 1960 ish Lancia Fulvia HF

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    I am brand new here so any help thanks in advance. I am a small car collector and was just offered a Lancia Fulvia HF. It has 70,000 miles and completely set up for vintage track racing. I know very little about these car but absolutely feel in love when I saw it last week.No rust other than one...