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front spoiler

  1. Cts front spoiler alfa gtv-6 production air dam

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    High Quality Hand Laid Fiberglass Primer finish Aluminum mesh screen over lower intake Four brake duct-cooling holes 2.5” diameter May require cutting of sheet metal to route brake duct hoses Fits 1981-1986 Alfa Romeo Alfetta's- GTV, GTV6 Current inventory ships from North Carolina...
  2. Looking for GTV6 Front Spoiler

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    After several of years of loving my 86 GTV6 I am forced to sell it! I was unaware, but apparently the front spoiler on my GTV6 was cracked and the buyer would like to find one before purchasing my car, can anyone help me with one?
  3. Wanted Front Spoiler for GTV6

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    this is the one that sits under front bumper, behind turn signals. Thanks brad