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  1. Fiat 500, Fiat 600 and Autobianchi Bianchina Seats Foams

    Other Italian Cars
    Available on our web site and loved from all customers in different countries, these foams for front seats are perfect for vintage Fiat 500 D – F – L- R – N – Francis Lombardo – Giardiniera, Fiat 600 D and all Autobianchi Bianchina models Trasformabile, Berlina, Panoramica e Cabriolet. It’s very...
  2. Front Seat Foams for Giulietta Spider

    Picture Room
    Hi Alfisti, I want to share with you the picture of the foams for front seats for Giulietta Spider. If you are restoring the seats and you need the foams, these are ideals. There is also a tutorial video on you tube (I will post it in the video room of this forum) on how to install the foams...