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  1. looking for engine info

    164 & 168 (1991-1995)
    Hey everyone, I picked up a 164s engine and I'm just looking for some more info on this particular engine. The block number is what appears to be AR64301.60142 I'm converting the engine for use in a GTV6. Were all S engines the longer block? Just trying to make sure I source the correct parts...
  2. 164 3.0 Milano Engine Build

    Milano/75 (1985-1993)
    My winter engine build project is starting soon. So far I picked up a decent 93' 164 3.0 with S cams and a mild port job from a fellow BB'er. It was already in a Milano so it has the oil pan. Here is what the engine does NOT have. Oil pump system, intake system, front cover around the crank...
  3. 2 liter '91 spider 4 in Automatic Alfetta Sedan

    Engine Conversions
    This past year BJ Bob Johnson of Italian Motor service, Spicewood/Austin TX, did the conversion for me and in the early spring of 2008, I got the car for testing. Sent it back for starter rebuild and hook up of the AC conversion. Also other miscellaneous little issues. I'm thinking I need a...
  4. Pictures Of Alfetta's

    Picture Room
    Post pics of alfetta's coupe or sedan:)