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  1. Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    The post I write today is on Giulietta Sprint Headlining 1 Step for Last Series Model. This headlining needs 7 arches, and we normally suggest to use the original ones. We produce the headlining here at our shop in Italy and we installed this many times. I can tell that the installation of head...
  2. Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    Beside our car interiors you can order at Elvezio's Lambrettas and Vespas Bag. Check this Link to see a cute lambretta leather bag. If you want to know more about this bag, contact us at [email protected] :grin2:
  3. Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    The items in the picture above are for the soft top handles of A.R. Duetto Osso di Seppia. The two central straps are to better block the soft top while the two lateral parts are an embellishment for the handles. The used fabric is a mix of plastic and vinyl. For further information please write...
  4. Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    Details make the difference while restoring your classic car. In this case our attention goes on this gear cowling for A.R. Spider Duetto 1300 Coda Tronca. This gear cowling is in scai (fake leather) and it is available in different colors according to your car interiors. For further information...
  5. Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    Hi everybody, as I wrote in the pictures room I want to share with you these two tutorial videos about Giulietta Spider : How to install the backrest foams and seat covers of front seats How to install the bottom foams and the seat covers Check the blog Enjoy and if you have already...
  6. Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    Beside the car interiors, upholstery and door panels showed in our previous posts, here at Elvezio’s shop you can also order the headliner. We supply the headliner already cut and refined to be installed on the car. You can see the shape in the first picture above, while in the second you can...
  7. Elvezio Esposito Classic Car Interiors
    Read our Blog Posts on Alfa Romeo parts here: Leave your comments and send us emails for orders at [email protected] :smile2:
  8. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hello Everybody, We supply also the front door panels for Alfa Romeo Osso di Seppia and Junior Coda Tronca until 1977, which are available in three different colors: black, red and bordeaux (dark red). The ones in the pictures below are bordeaux. These panels go below the plastic part on the...
1-8 of 8 Results