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  1. Tuning The Alfa 147 1.6 2007

    Engine Conversions
    Hello, I recently bought an Alfa 147 with 87000KM on the clock right now and while I am pretty satisfied with the power I'd love to tune it up to 150-170HP (from 120). It's my first car and it's an Alfa that's why I'd love to make it quicker! Some guys told me that since it's a NA car it...
  2. guilietta 2016 progression ecu remap

    Australian Forum
    I have a alfa romeo guilietta 2016 progression model 6 speed manual blue, overall I'm pretty happy with the car. I bought the car brand new and have had the car for just on 1 year. The 88 kilowatt 1.4 turbo is it the same actual engine and turbo as in the distinctive 125 kilowatt apart from a...