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  1. Ac compressor 1995 164l

    Serpentine belt broke while driving supposedly compressor seized CAR overheated 3-4 minutes can i bypass pully on compressor or 'break it so it spins' ? Cannot find used/new one what is size in mm for a gates belt to bypass compressor? When CAR runs slight tapping noise beneath valve cover lid...
  2. Compressor pressure diagram

    I can find no information on the location of the low pressure port within the AC system on my 87 Spider. There appear to be three ports, two on the compressor, and one on the dryer. Can someone tell me which is the low pressure charging port? Thanks, Mike Morgan
  3. Wanted Air Conditioner Compressor and Dryer

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I need to get a ac bearing however given that my clutch is shorting I have decided to get a compressor. i see that a dryer is recommended or necessary although I don't need it for warranty etc.. i see that there are many options and price ranges. I f I am going to do it I want the ac to work (...
  4. For Sale A/C system GTV6

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I have a complete A/C system for sale. Or all the individual parts. They have been taken off piece by piece and are in very good condition. In Minnesota our cars rust but the climate makes the rubber parts last forever.