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  1. Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    Hello all, been a while since ive posted, always lurking though finding solutions on here for problems i cant solve. 1974 Spider, spica. Was having a non start non charging issue, the battery was fairly new so i figured it was the alternator. Have a few other alts around so tried those but they...
  2. Electrical, Chassis & Lighting
    Hello, Kind of a basic question… I feel pretty good about mechanical stuff but electrical and electronic stuff I find just plain mysterious… So, 73 US spec GTV… :thumbup: My battery doesn't seem to hold a charge anymore.:scared: It's the same battery that was in the car when I bought it 4...
  3. Giulietta & Giulia (1954-65)
    Do you know where I can find a wiring diagram that covers the generator, regulator and charging circut?
1-3 of 3 Results