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  1. Boxer Engined Alfa Romeos
    Very cool car of the Ti - GTI pure fun! I was able to drive the Alfasud Ti for a video - retrofeeling pure ... see for yourself and tell us what do you think about it! Find us at youtube - RetroWERK
  2. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    Alfasud 1976 Trofeo Race Car In excellent condition the car has been built to incorporate the Autodelta Trofeo factory race kit which includes flared guards, large front and rear spoilers, vented inboard disc brakes with larger calipers, poly bushes all-round, Koni shock absorbers and genuine...
  3. Boxer Engined Alfa Romeos
    New to world of Boxer Alfas and saw this on Mint2Me this AM.....thought I would share. Sorry..typo on title. Can't edit. Wagon ho: ’78 Alfasud Giardiniera | Mint2Me
  4. Boxer Engined Alfa Romeos
    Hey guys, I have spent the past 2 weeks doing an extensive rebuild on a 16v boxer engine, that will go into my Series 1 33 which currently has the 1.5L motor with a single carby :D. Seeing as how much I appreciated threads such as this when I was researching, I thought I should post my...
  5. Boxer Engined Alfa Romeos
    Does anyone have the dimensions for stock 1.7 16 valve intake and exhaust valves? I need the valve head diameter, but the stem diameter and the length is appreciated too. Even better would be if anyone knew of a site which had the more technical dimensions and measurements of the engines...
  6. Boxer Engined Alfa Romeos
    (sorry for my english)I want to buy Alfa 33 but am not sure what kind of car is it, did she have any problems with something, help guys is really good car but am not sure??
  7. Australian Forum
    Hey, I have just picked up a 159, and need to get rid of the old Alfas, both do not start and are located in south Australia - I’m not asking a lot for them because I’ll be moving interstate in 3-4 weeks & need to get rid of them before I go :( 1975 Alfetta GT - overall this car is in really...
  8. Alfa Romeo Topics Not Covered Elsewhere
    I was web surfing some cafe racing sites when I came upon this little gem. I don't think I've seen this custom motorcycle here before so I thought I'd post it for all to enjoy. There was no info posted on the bike just the images which show its powered by an Alfa Romeo boxer engine. If anyone...
  9. Australian Forum
    Red Alfa 33 Boxer for sale - sold Selling my 1990 Alfa 33 Boxer QV I have purchased a newer car. I have owned it for a year but it's recently run out of rego, the car runs well and I have been driving it has 200k on the clock, timing belt was done at 186k problems: -front shocks need...
1-9 of 9 Results