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  1. Wanted [Trade] My E30 BMW 318is For Your 164!

    Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    Well guys, I have a pretty cherry BMW 318is with a freshly rebuilt engine that is showing signs of serious blowby. I'm too frustrated to tear the engine apart again to fix it, so I am looking to trade. EDIT: Talked to my mechanic who did the engine, he does not believe that it is blowby and we...
  2. BMW 325i Valves

    Engine Repair, Diagnostics & Rebuilding
    As per Jim K. one can use the BMW 325i production parts cause of the valve shape and 8mm stems. I've tried sourcing these today from a local parts store. Thing is I can't seem to find any 325i valves with 8mm stems, the older E36 box shape valves are 7mm and they go even smaller with the newer...
  3. Bookend Glas GTs For Sale

    Other Italian Cars
    Okay German cars, but designed by Frua.. Two California Glas GTs, almost identical. Plum with tan interiors. One black plates, one blue. Both very complete, both non-op, some spares, straightforward restoration needed. Some rust from sitting but straight cars. Stored indoors over a decade in...