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  1. New, but not new, here . . .

    New Members Introductions - Please Read
    Hi, all--Dave Johnson here, from Berkeley. Just joined after years of looking on, gleaning useful info, enjoying witty back-and-forths, admiring others' cars, getting inspiration for improving and keeping mine going. First Alfa was an abandoned project Giulietta spider back in college (around...
  2. New owner of 1957 1900 Berlina Super

    1900, 2000 & 2600 (1950-1968)
    Hi, I recently purchased AR1900-18809 an original gray paint 1957 1900 Super 4-door. Picked it up in Palm Springs and drove it 1400 miles to Portland, OR. Great car with an interesting history that I am fleshing out. I could use a couple of items for it, and am just beginning my search. Any...
  3. For Sale Epsilon 3 piece 15" x 6" Wheels for 105/115 Alfa

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Period correct wheels for 105 and 115 Alfas (4x108). I ran 195/60x15 tires on my 1972 Berlina with plenty of clearance. Could probably run 205 tires on a GTV or Spider. Although the wheels are not marked with an offset, they look to have a pretty negative offset. Condition is very good. One...
  4. For Sale Original steering wheel 105 series Giulia and Berlina

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Original faux-wood steering wheel for the Alfa Romeo 105 series saloon (Giulia, Berlina). In very nice condition. This wheel will also fit the GT coupe and Spider (but may possibly leave a small gap in relation to the steering column shroud cover?). Worldwide shipping pm for quote.
  5. Wanted GTV or Berlina sedan

    Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    Looking for either a GTV or a Berlina sedan. Would prefer a roller with a good body as I have a good donor car with a wrecked body. Or a Berlina or other Giulia sedan with body in decent shape. PM me with what you have. Not looking for perfect cars. Looking to build a fun driver.
  6. For Sale 69 Berlina Back Seat - Tan Color

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Thanks to all who expressed an interest in these. I am currently negotiating with a local buyer. Any of the Berlina parts that remain will be posted on this forum in new ads. Tan back seat out of a 1969 Berlina. This has been stored in my basement since I disassembled the car 1980 and is in...
  7. A ton of used Alfa Parts!

    Product/Vendor Reviews
    Please call me at 805-241-0250 with the parts you're looking for, as my son does all of my emails/posts and is not around often to respond. I have everything from reconditioned engines, transmissions and cylinder heads to Giulietta, Spider, Berlina, GTV, Super, and Duetto parts. Please call...
  8. Berlina Front Door Check Straps

    Sedan (1962-1977)
    Hi, Can anyone help me with what the front door check straps look like on a Berlina 2000 (1971.) Both are missing on my car, the rear doors look like standard later type 105 series cars check straps but the front are different. The fixing to the body is not in line with the hole in the door...
  9. For Sale 1972 alfa romeo berlina 2000

    Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    1972 ALFA ROMEO BERLINA 2000 (ECC-024) Offered at $21,995 This 1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000 comes to us from Italy after having been in long term storage for 30+ years. It comes from a retired Italian Alfa dealer who kept the best trade-ins for his personal collection. With only 12K original...
  10. Best bang for the buck for lightening flywheel / clutch?

    Gearbox, Transaxle, Differential & Propshaft
    So the clutch in my Berlina is started to slip if I stomp on it in 4th or 5th gear. While I'm in there I figure I should replace whatever I can, within reason. But I don't have $1k or the time to take the trans apart and lighten it. My current plan includes: Replace fluid with Redline 75/90...
  11. For Sale 1973 Alfa Romeo Berlina - hot 2L, lightened gearbox

    Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    This might be the ultimate sleeper. A gold Berlina with a hot 2L engine and lightened transmission! This Berlina is a solid driver that has had a ton of work done to it over the years. I have owned a bunch of 115 Alfas over the years, and this is by far the fastest and most fun. Here's a...
  12. Andrew Watry spotted in Portland, OR

    Sedan (1962-1977)
    Andrew Watry was up in Portland and was nice enough to make time to see me and the Berlina. He took a moment to check out the front and rear suspension as I pointed out that it is possible to drive a Berlina that sits on the bump stops. I forgot to give him a chance to drive the beast, but I...
  13. Berlina Lift Kit

    Sedan (1962-1977)
    I'm getting close to finishing my wiper / washer project and looking forward to a more "fun" project for the next. I'd like to use the Berlina more this summer for fun trips, so raising the front then getting an alignment is top on my list. Here's how she sits now: After checking...
  14. Tricks for removing Berlina steering column shroud?

    Sedan (1962-1977)
    It's been a while since I've removed a steering column shroud, and I think it was on a spider the last time. Do I need to drop the steering column to get the top part off? I'm tired of the turn signals not cancelling on the Berlina, so I popped the bottom shroud off and can see that the spring...
  15. Leaky steel wheel

    Sedan (1962-1977)
    I have a leaky steel wheel on my 1973 Berlina that let's the tire go flat in 2 to 3 days. I have heard of this problem before, but I do not recall what the solution is. Can anyone give me a clue? I may take it to a tire shop and start with a new valve stem and work out from there. Stan...
  16. For Sale Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000 Instrument Gauges

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    For Sale a set of tachometer and speedometer gauges (including oil pressure gauge) for a Euro 2000 Berlina. Instruments seem in very good condition and in fully working order. Have been for a very long time on my shelf and don't need them any more. Asking price: 75 euros + shipping
  17. For Sale FS 1972 Berlina

    Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina for sale by owner. Located in Palo Alto CA The car is a three owner NorCal car, 116800K miles (I am still driving), mostly original patina-ed paint, shines nice but is really a 20 foot finish, small rust-bubble spot in center of the top of the windshield, solid interior...
  18. Alfetta 1800 Blu Olandese 1976

    Picture Room
    hello, my name is Marco, I'm from Italy and this is my Alfetta 1800 Blu Olandese year 1976, thank
  19. For Sale Points and Condenser Group

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Alfa Romeo Point and Condenser Group If you're looking for Points or Condensers please give me a call (805) 241-0250 Thanks, Bruno
  20. For Sale Alfa Romeo Moldings, etc...

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Alfa Romeo Moldings, etc... Please call if you see any used parts you need for your Alfa. I have a lot more than what you see in the picture. (805) 241-0250 Best, Bruno