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  1. Campagnolo (Ferrari) Wheels

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    Hi guys and gals I've listed a pair of good Ferrari Campagnolo 10-hole alloy wheels (330/365 GTC/GTS) on eBay, FYI See Item #: 251303176302
  2. For Sale Alfa Romeo FPS Daytona 5-star alloy wheels with tires

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    For sale is a set (4 alloy wheels with tires) of Alfa Romeo 5-star Daytona wheels made by FPS (Foundry Pedrini Siena), made in Italy. Inscriptions on outside of the alloy read 6J x 14H2, C35, and Alfa Romeo. Inscriptions on the inner side of the wheel read Made in Italy, 115.50.28 010.00, 1162...