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  1. Links to Alfas for sale elsewhere
    Lose the giant wheels. These cars look much better with the Ronals or Cromodoras that were available in the 70s. I like the rear louvre and ANSA rear section. Missing one fiberglass chin spoiler. It has Webers, a Euro airbox and painted Euro bumpers and a GTV-6 interior. Ad says "1975" but...
  2. Links to Alfas for sale elsewhere
  3. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    NEW Supersprint 010920 Sport Package stainless exhaust centre section and rear section. Located in Victoria, British Columbia. Asking US$750 / CAD$1000 - offers? Will include reasonable shipping! Msrp from Italy Euro$650 plus shipping / duties / tax = approximately US$1000 CAD$1400 Reason...
  4. Alfetta & GTV6 (1972-1986)
    What do I save???? I bought an 1978 Alfetta coupe a while ago, mainly to refill my nuts and bolt bin. The remains will soon be send to its final resting place. Are there any parts that are getting hard to find that I should try to save??? Suggestions??? Thanks, Bernie
  5. HVAC
    If you have ever had a problem defrosting your windshield in an Alfetta coupe or GTV6 the image below shows why! The defroster tubes collapse leaving very little area for air flow. Plus getting the hose on the lower end of the upper part is a nightmare when you are working behind the dash...
  6. Alfetta & GTV6 (1972-1986)
    I was wondering if the rolling windows on a GTV6 could be swapped for the windows out of a GTV6. Mine are scratched from the previous owner and there is someone parting out an Alfetta GT in my area. Has this been done? And will they fit?
  7. Portugal & Spain
    Necesito un juego de cuatro ruedas para 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0. Creo que el patrón original del perno es 4x98 y pienso que el desplazamiento original era 40 o 45. Estoy en el proceso de restaurar el coche, pero las ruedas actuales son de acero y dobladas. Yo consideraría diferentes estilos...
  8. Car Restoration
    Hi all. I'm a new member of this forum and would like to introduce myself. I am based in the SE suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. My car collection is ranges from a 4wd, ute, Lotus 7 rep, FIAT 500 to my newest love a 6/1976 Alfetta GT. I have recently shipped the GT from Tasmania where is was a...
  9. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a set of 4 Momo Vega Wheels for my 1978 Alfetta Gt. I live in the Bay Area, Thx Dan 650.284.4055
  10. Alfetta & GTV6 (1972-1986)
    Hello everyone. My grandma has a 1979 Sprint Veloce that has been sitting in her driveway for well over 10 years. The car used to be my grandpa's, but he has since passed on. Me and my friend are thinking about doing a partial restoration on the car as a tribute to my grandfather. It most likely...
  11. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    No relation, just putting the word out. 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV
  12. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hi, I'm selling my '76 Alfetta GT - can be either the whole thing as a donor car or I'll part it out. Here are some photos. You can contact me about specifics or for more photos via PM here or e-mail at: [email protected] Thanks, John
  13. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    Still trying to sell the Alfa, and I am breaking down and hitting the forums. You know you need it as a winter project for fun all summer long. This rare Mario Andretti edition Alfa is one of 150 built worldwide. It's been on VT craigslist a couple times, but no one has come to look at it. It...
  14. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    This bra is in excellent shape having been used for one 300mi trip and then packed away. I decided I liked the look of the car without the bra instead. Vanity. So, she went bra-less. Kind of like not wanting to turn on the radio on favor of hearing the engine. Made of a durable, flexible...
  15. Alfetta & GTV6 (1972-1986)
    Alright, so, after no luck on finding aftermarket headers for my '75 2L Alfetta GT. I thought I would turn to the board to see if anyone has any laying around or if anyone knows where I could find? I would prefer to have "aftermarket" than have someone custom make them for me but I guess if...
  16. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    What I have (please make it go away!)... From a green 1993 164L with 114K miles: 3 L heads 3 L block complete trunk carpet set in good condition trunk lid in good condition passenger-side front fender sunroof assembly (no motor - worked well when fitted) From a red 1982 GTV6 with many miles...
  17. Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    SOLD Sold SOLD
  18. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    The bumpers that are currently on my '76 alfetta gt are hideous("race bumpers") :confused: Also am looking for all badges for this car: front and rear logo emblem as well as rear badges("alfa romeo" and "alfetta gt") Also if anyone has any interior accessories, parts, etc... please let me know...
1-19 of 19 Results