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  1. Remote starting

    Boxer Engined Alfa Romeos
    alfa 156 sportwagon 2001 Remote starting Model aps-57C/A - Audiovox Question! How to connect/install..... My ingnition left side contact: Blue-red red - constent 12v blue - Start motor ___________________ right side contact: orange orange-black blue-white yellow-green...
  2. For Sale 1998 alfa 156, 2.5l v6, $8,500

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    Hi Everyone, Im selling my Alfa. 1998, model 156 with the 2.5L V6. This is the last V6 made by Alfa themselves in Italy. The car has only 95,000kms on it and is in fantastic shape. I have to sell it since I am leaving the country for a year. AD AND PICTURES ON KIJIJI: $8,500 - Alfa Romeo 156...