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  1. Milano/75 (1985-1993)
    It’s located in front of the air intake box right by the headlight
  2. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I am selling a airbox setup, crossover style. They were used on early 1750´s, duettos etc. Giuliettas also prehaps? the items are located in Norway. I will ship internationally. 800$ + shipping If you want, I can vapourblast the alu-parts before shipping. Torstein
  3. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I am looking for the whole intake airbox sitting on the carburetors and the air filter housing for my Euro spec 1966 Duetto. I appreciate any offers or hints where I can source those parts. Best regards, Johannes
  4. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    For sale-- complete air box with aluminum plenum, steel canister, (2) clasps and various hoses. The canister is rusty at the ends and will need work. The rest is in good condition. The clasps are in great shape. I bought this to prototype a similar box for my BMW, which is another way of...
  5. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I do mean complete. From the fuel pump and filter to the air-box and all that you want in between. If I use this '74 Spider engine it will be on Webers. Engine is running now so I know the SPICA is working well. Do not want to break up the set, I know that once the pump is sold the rest would...
  6. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Looking for Euro airbox with holder and clamps. Need complete setup to mate with existing Weber or Dellorto carbs. Gary 10-22-2012 Update Just to clarify I am attaching a picture I took of the exact setup I'm looking for. I realize I may have to do some cutting in the car. The parts I'm...
  7. Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Looking for an air cannister for my 101 1600 veloce 1965 spider. pictures came from internet, but this one I search for. Thanks Hugo
  8. GT (1963-1977)
    After a TS was installed in my 1969 1750 GTV coupe (some years ago), it had just a simple filter sock, and I'm looking to fix that with a proper (legal in Australia) air filter. I believe that the standard 75 TS air box doesn't fit, though I don't have one to try. I'd like to get cool air in...
1-8 of 8 Results