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  1. For Sale Abarth Rallye 370mm steering wheel

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Fantastic condition, almost NOS, leather is superb, stitching as well .. See yourself .. Hard to find these wheels today, especially in 370mm .. Asking 800$ shipped/paypaled obo
  2. Alfa romeo 1900 kit abarth 2 weber 40 dcl5

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    hi I have for sale kit abarth for alfa romeo 1900 i have much parts for alfa romeo, giulia, giulietta, 2500, ecc my web site is Rubino Classic Cars
  3. Period photos of Abarth, Touring and some others

    Other Italian Cars
    On the same site that hosts the Zagato photos mentioned in my previous topic, more interesting period photos can be found: Abarth Fondazione Negri onlus a Brescia | antico studio fotografico e archivio storico Carrozzeria Touring Fondazione Negri onlus a Brescia | antico studio fotografico e...
  4. Abarth exhaust pamphlet

    Giulietta & Giulia (1954-65)
    I thought everyone might like to see some shots of an original Abarth exhaust pamphlet, Alfa content only. I could not see a publication date but I estimate it to be circa 1962. Beyond the usual Fiat, Porsche, Alfa etc, quite a few other manufacturers were catered for, too. I never would...
  5. "Abarth Record-Breaking Cars"

    Other Italian Cars
    Abarth Record-Breaking Cars: Two Vehicles Based on Fiat and Alfa Romeo Chassis with Bodies Styled by Pinin Farina Automobile Engineer vol. 47, no. 6, June 1957, pgs 229-231 [Apologies that the scan isn't better]. The mirror image placement of two bodies in the wind tunnel is a curious...
  6. 1953 Abarth 1100 Ghia

    Other Italian Cars
    Just to add info to the community knowledge: I ever wondered where one of my favorite coachbuilt Fiat 1100 of them all, could be today. The car is the Abarth 1100 Ghia (VIN 205-104), built toghether with her twin based on a Simca Chassis (Simca on the left, the other photos are about the...
  7. Abarth Allemano Coupe Value

    Other Italian Cars
    Hello All I know that there are at least 5 owners of Allemano Coupes (including me) that visit this forum. There was an interesting result at the Amelia Island auction of a freshly restored Florida car. I thought that you all might be interested in knowing that it sold for $82,500, beating the...