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    Hi guys, Any ideas where I could find a good restorer of wooden steering wheels? The 2300S Coupe has got only the frame of the steering wheel and it could use to dress it up nicely with some fine wood. Regards, Vlad
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    Dear Alfisti Friends,   Ending the year's activities for the Brasilian Alfa Romeo Club - Section Brasília - we had a spectacular meeting.   Present were:   1 - President Paulo Proenca (2300 Alfa Ti4 1985 - 2300 Ti Alpha Prototype 1987 - Alfa 2300A 1975 - 1750 GTV 1969) 2 - Roberto Nasser (# 1...
  3. Picture Room
    Hello everybody, I am an alfista from Brazil. I live in the capital: Brasilia. I fell in love for the brand when I was a child. Today I have 3 Alfas: Spider 1997 (Nero - Black), 164 Super 1995 (Blu Genoa - Dark Metallic Blue) and a Ti 2300 1979 (Marrom Siena - Light Brown), the last one is also...