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1986 spider

  1. Parting our 86 Spider

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    Hello, I am parting out 1986 Spider. No engine or drivetrain. Front clip and hood are in excellent condition. the rest of the body needs minor work. Passenger door is excellent, small dent in driver door. Lights/taillights are excellent. Seat foam, frame and pans are very nice. Carpet is also...
  2. For Sale 1986 Alfa Quadrifoglio Spider

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    Columbus, Ohio 1986 Alfa Romeo Quadifoglio Spider * 117,000 miles, but only about 20,000 on a professional Alfa shop engine rebuild, including upgrade to 10.1 to 1 Motronic pistons. Extensive receipts available. * Body and paint work - taken down to metal and using lead filler, work...
  3. 86 Spider Engine upgrade

    Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    I'm a newbie here, so forgive me if I missed anything in my searches of previous posts. I recently acquired a 1986 Spider Veloce with 39K miles in great shape. The engine is all stock and well maintained. Modifications by previous owner include bolt-on frame stiffener, racing suspension...
  4. Sudden Loss of Power 86 Spider

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    Hello All - Coming home from Concorso Italiano (excellent event!) my wife's 1986 Spider Veloce - absolutely stock - developed serious problems. Can I get some advice kind people? After running well it all weekend it was hard to start on Monday morning. It started rough and belched black smoke...