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1974 alfa spider

  1. For Sale - 1974 Alfa Romeo Iniezione 2000 Spyder

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    Hello all, have a 1974 Alfa Romeo for sale. 2.0L, dual overhead cam, 5 speed, runs and drives good. Top in good shape, original stainless steel bumpers front and rear, tires and brakes in good condition. Car located in Tampa, Florida. Asking price $5499 OBO For more information, text (813) 453-2554.
  2. Wanted AR Spider 1974 Cylinder Head

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    I am looking for a complete cylinder head to my AR Spider 1974. If have you it send a PM with pics. Thanks.
  3. fuel gauge toggles with light switch

    Electrical, Chassis & Lighting
    wierd thing happening. I just replaced the starter in 1974 spider. put in a starter relay. Starter works fine, but since the job, the fuel gauge works when the lights are off, but drops to zero when the lights are turned on. this didn't happen before the starter work. I noticed that there was...
  4. For Sale 1975 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000cc - Good condition

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    3rd owner Black on black 5 speed No accidents Brand new top 123,000 miles (engine was rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago with another original engine of same model) New fuel pump, filter, tires. Car is in good mechanical condition. Car runs great. There are a few cosmetic issues that could be fixed...