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  1. Greetings from Norway

    New Members Introductions - Please Read
    Hi, bought my first alfa about a year ago and I'm bringing it back on the road after roughly 18 years of storage as far as i know. It's a 1968 1750 with a 2000 engine right now. The car is in good shape, which suits my very limited experience and questionable knowledge so far. Found a lot of...
  2. Wanted Alfa 105 1968 1750 GTV Seat & Various Parts

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for the plastic bolt covering cap(s), seat adjustment knob(s) BUT not the bracket itself and interior overhead light len(s) with the tiny screws to fit, although not specific to, the above car - Alfa 105 1968 1750 GTV. And a long shot - spark plug spanner with spike and / or a...
  3. For Sale 1968 1750 gtv

    Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    After 33 years I'm selling the GTV. It's a series 1, 1968 1750, build date March 08, 1968, sold March 20th to Fred Dealey Ltd in Vancouver BC. I am the 3rd owner of the car. It now has 123,000 miles on the odometer and has spent it's entire life in Vancouver. I'm selling because I need the cash...
  4. Restoration of AR 866776 ('68 Giulia Super)

    Sedan (1962-1977)
    Hi all, The restoration of my MY 68 Giulia Super has begun... I built and (will) try to keep the following blog regarding different aspects of the restoration itself up to date : The Adventures of Giulia.... The car is in a "fair" state (body: 5/10 and mechanics: 6/10), but many working hours...