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  1. Production Alfas (1992-2016) - [CA/USA Excluded]
    That is the question! Hi, first post, so please be gentle. :) There's a 2002 166 with the 3-liter V6 with 75,000 km (47k miles) in immaculate condition both inside and out for sale right down the street where I live. The asking price of UDS11,900 is quite reasonable as well, and I'm sure I can...
  2. Production Alfas (1992-2016) - [CA/USA Excluded]
    This car has been a complete lemon, I have had to fix a lots of problems 2000 166 sportronic 3.0 v6 The latest one is an over heating problem when driving on the motorway at speeds above 100km/h. The temp will rise up to but not above the red line after only a few minutes then start to fall...
  3. 164 & 168 (1991-1995) ...a 166. I've had two 166s in the past and both have really been quite disappointing - both had some appearance problems, neither had the same array of modern-car features as my 156, but then the 156...
1-3 of 3 Results