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  1. 1938 Fiat 1500 Berlinetta Aerodinamica by Touring

    Other Italian Cars
    A new entry in my (little) knowledge. Of couse not the same car of the photo (see lights and trims). Magnificent wheels too. vendo TOURING SUPERLEGGERA BERLINETTA SPECIALE AERODINAM (200188) auto Lugano
  2. 1945 FIAT 1500/6C Sport Corsa

    Other Italian Cars
    "FIAT 1500/6C SPORT CORSA, 1945, chassis 15026, registration VR 172981, Registro FIAT Italiano nr. 5359. This "one-off" example is a marvelous two-seater sports car based on a 1937 Fiat 1500/6C chassis, as raced by the Bevilacqua brothers in 1945 and by Mr. Matteo Marzotto, who entered this car...
  3. 1947 Lancia Pagani PS 147 Sport

    Other Italian Cars
    A nice piece for Lancia fans: Auto d'epoca e consulenza automobili classiche Brescia. PAGANI LANCIA "Luigi Pagani was the workshop foreman at the Minetti Lancia dealership in Milan. Since the late 1930s, most of the Lancia Aprilia racing cars were fitted with engines developed by him, as he...
  4. Fiat 1500 6 cylinder Barchetta

    Other Italian Cars
    I just spotted this ad for a nice looking prewar Barchetta offered for sale in Italy. As usual, it is hard to say anything about its level of authenticity. If I am not mistaken it looks like Carrozzeria Touring badges are fitted to the engine bay covers. FIAT barchetta Auto usata - In vendita...