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  1. Fiat 1100 - chassis/engine numbers list

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    Hi All, I have come across a Fiat 1100 in Italy. In the engine compartment there's plate that says: Motore - 1100 B 350644 Chassis - 1100 B 313017 The owner says he thinks it's 1949, but I'd like to get some more definite info on it. Is there a registry of chassis/engine numbers somewhere...
  2. 1948 Fiat 1100 Balbo Trasformabile

    Other Italian Cars
    Purple Haze:D Fiat 1100 trasformabile carrozzeria balbo Auto usata - In vendita Pisa Only 68€? :eek:
  3. 1953 Abarth 1100 Ghia

    Other Italian Cars
    Just to add info to the community knowledge: I ever wondered where one of my favorite coachbuilt Fiat 1100 of them all, could be today. The car is the Abarth 1100 Ghia (VIN 205-104), built toghether with her twin based on a Simca Chassis (Simca on the left, the other photos are about the...
  4. Stanguellini FJ equals which Fiat?

    Other Italian Cars
    Dear Friends: trying to restore a wonderful Stanguellini FJ derivata Fiat. Do anyone have an idea on which Fiat the Formula Junior for 1960 is based on? Is there a parts catalog? or a parts equivalents book? Thanks