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  1. 105 Camshafts gear removal

    Engine Repair, Diagnostics & Rebuilding
    Hi Alfistis, I’m on the process of changing the camshafts of my 1973 gtv. I’m trying to remove the timing gears, but it’s pretty locked. I don’t want to damage the original camshafts, so does anybody has an idea how I can remove these gears? Thank you Best regards Ludo
  2. For Sale Original steering wheel 105 series Giulia and Berlina

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Original faux-wood steering wheel for the Alfa Romeo 105 series saloon (Giulia, Berlina). In very nice condition. This wheel will also fit the GT coupe and Spider (but may possibly leave a small gap in relation to the steering column shroud cover?). Worldwide shipping pm for quote.
  3. Louvers-Hood Question

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hey all, It's been a while since I been here.. used to race , fix and make a few specific parts for the 67 spider, 71 105 models about 4 years ago.. Is Anyone interested in hood louvers? I have started making hood louvers for other cars.. and always thought if there was an interest in hood...
  4. engine and driveline setup on type 105

    Gearbox, Transaxle, Differential & Propshaft
    Hello -- I am new the site and excited about all the information I've found so far!! I'm starting a build of a '50s style racing sports car with Alfa and Ferrari influences. I had a Duetto many years ago and decided to use an Alfa 105 inline 4 DOHC engine and drive train. This is not my...
  5. For Sale 1750 By Bertone T-SHIRT

    Alfa Romeo Collectibles, Manuals For Sale, Wanted
    Hello Alfa Romeo enthusiasts! :clover: Recently I spent a lot of time working on a project for 105/115 series - now it is finished, so I want to share this with you guys! There is also a description about the idea of product in the website. Link for the T-SHIRT and description...
  6. 105 gearbox rebuild Auckland

    New Zealand Forum
    Hello, Looking for someone to rebuild a 105 series gearbox with worn syncros in Auckland, I have the gearbox out of the vehicle and the parts to replace (Alfaholics parts). The Italian Auto Centre and Continental Cars don't appear interested in taking to task on any suggestions...? Cheers...
  7. For Sale 105 GTV RACE CAR for sale in NZ - ROLLING CHASSIS

    Alfa Romeo Cars For Sale & Wanted
    I'm selling my Beloved '73 GTV race car in order to fund the completion of a new (but older) '67 step nose race car. I've raced it for over 12 years now and have developed it extensively during that time. Note this is a ROLLING CHASSIS - so complete car less engine and gearbox. I'll throw in a...
  8. 105 race car - Wide body or Std?

    Hello from NZ, Right now I have a foot on either side of the fence and some welcome informed knowledge from members might be just what I need to see wood for the trees. Here is the conundrum.... I've been racing a '73 GTV for about 12 years now, but the time has come to get a long term '67 GT...
  9. For Sale Grill badge. For cars 1946-1972.

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    SOLD! New grill badge. Diam 52 mm. Never used. Still in plastic envelope. 30 Euro + postage. In Sweden
  10. Wanted Giulia Upper half of air intake

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I have a friend in need of the upper portion of the cold air box/air intake plenum for a '67 Sprint GT Veloce.
  11. Wanted Alfa 105 1968 1750 GTV Seat & Various Parts

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for the plastic bolt covering cap(s), seat adjustment knob(s) BUT not the bracket itself and interior overhead light len(s) with the tiny screws to fit, although not specific to, the above car - Alfa 105 1968 1750 GTV. And a long shot - spark plug spanner with spike and / or a...
  12. Correct hose clamps 105 115

    GT (1963-1977)
    Hello Alfisti, was trying to figure out correct/original type hose clamps for 105 and 115 models by year. I know Romablocks were used on older Giulias, but which model year did it change, if it did? And while we are at it can we list correct sizes for a quick reference please.
  13. Chrome strip between door's panel and doors. 105

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hey guys! I am looking for chrome strip between door's panel and doors itself (picture attached). Maybe someone of you have separate and want to sell for alfisti?:) Its from GTV2000, left (driver's) side. Thank you!
  14. Wanted 1600 Crankshaft 105 or 101

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Looking to buy a good condition 1600 Crankshaft Standard or 10 Over, 105 or 101. If you're selling one please call or send me a private message with how much it is and shipping to Los Angeles. Thanks, Bruno 805-241-0250
  15. For Sale Cam Shaft - Alfa Romeo, Giulietta, Fiat, Maserati

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Cam Shafts for Sale All are in a good used condition, all stock, and they are NOT performance cams. Please call if you're interested in purchasing a pair or the group. 805-241-0250 Thanks, Bruno - Giulietta 101-03200 - Giulietta 1300 CC normal – no numbers - Giulietta 1600 CC – 100-03200 -...
  16. For Sale Complete set of front lights and trim rings for 19711750 GTV

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Complete set; will need blasting and repainting. open to offers. pm me with email address for pictures if interested
  17. Rear brake brass union - has seals or not?

    Spider - 105 & 115 Series (1966-1994)
    Alfisti: I was trying to replace the rear brake hose on my '71 Spider, and since all was grimy back there, I removed all components, including the brass union that is mounted on the differential housing, and to get rid of the grease, I soaked it in paint thinner. Then, I looked inside, and in...
  18. Wanted Competition Headers for 105 - Online

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    Hi, does anyone know where I can buy online, a set of competiton headers (equal length, 4-2-1 configuration) headers to suit a 105 coupe? Other than Spruell. Thanks, Spada
  19. Wanted 105 GTV front shoulder belt

    Alfa Romeo Parts For Sale & Wanted
    I'm looking for the lap / shoulder belt combo that works in the 105 (1967) GTV. I've seen them before, the separate belt bolts into the B pillar and has a metal link that goes into the lap belt clip. Need two. Help! Will pay cash, magazine subscriptions, books on Alfa collecting, you can even...
  20. Fitting 15x8 on a 1975 GT Junior

    Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Fitting 15x8 on a 1975 GT Junior Does anyone have experience of fitting 15x8s on a 105? I have mostly seen 8s on GTA bodied cars, and uncertain how feasible it will be on a standard bodied car. Vehicle is about to get a suspension overhaul so height and travel could be set accordingly. Found...