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1000 miglia

  1. A new proposal for 1000 Miglia participants: a book where you are the protagonist

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    I'm a photographer living in Brescia, Italy. In 2011 I made a book dedicated to a single crew taking part to the competition. The work have been very appreciated, so I decided to extend the proposal to a small number among the 2012 participants (reservation is required). Here is a link to the...
  2. Video, Duetto and Mille Miglia 2008

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    I drove the Mille Miglia (1000 miglia) together with the Italian Duettoclub last May 2008. Marvellous and most exciting. Thanks to bebo, J-L 2pipes , Renzo, Inqui and everybody from the :: Duetto Club Italia :: :) Intro. 1000 Miglia 2008 Alfa Romeo Duetto Wille R. Introduction 1st part. 1st...