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Vanagon L "Westfalia"
Westfalia package.
Unknown previous list of owners. Vehicle purchased in April 2014 and delivered in June 2014. 126k miles with extensive mechanical work delayed and half arsed by P/O. Projects begun and then halted because said owners couldn't be bothered. It was for sale for a LONG time (at least a year) until I won the auction. Months spent repairing known issues and finishing projects on the van (which arrived with important bits thrown away or thrown into the back.) Currently sourcing a replacement engine or rebuilt unit. Clutch replaced Fall 2014
1981 Volkswagon Vanagon L "Westfalia" (Yellow)


A 65-hp Flat four air cooled motor. Originally modified to run as hot as possible because of course it was! Tracking down parts off e-Bay I rerouted the aux fan system to properly channel air out of the engine bay, through the heat exchangers and into the cabin. Thanks to a slow oil drip, oil fumes have since joined the air resulting in oil film slowly building up on interior surfaces. Motor has dubious history with a single jug replaced at one point along with that side's head. Currently dipstick is attempting the great escape leading me to believe the EGR valve (it IS a california model so emissions wise it gains an EGR and O2 sensor) is clogged or the crank case vent is somehow full of bees.
Recarpeted front and rear areas, seats reupholster two years ago in original 'boogie-woogie brown' I've also then covered the new carpet with heavy rubber matting to try and stretch out my investment. Refrigerator works on all settings, sink is fully operational with multi-flow settings on the faucet. Stoves boil a nice cuppa quite easily and both tables are present. Two additional low voltage RV florescent lamps were added to supplant the original single lamp over the stove. Pop up tent was finished (and not left half assed) with any holes being covered in mesh mosquito netting.
While mainly rust free, a jack point has begun to show signs of the tin worm in the van's pressing into service as a daily driver. Previous owner at some point struck a barrier in the front driver's corner below the turn signal indicator. Previous owner had an awning of some sort over the sliding door and ended up crimping the rain gutter along the top of the body. Also dragged the sliding door alongside a barrier of some sort although this appears to be par for the course for most Vanagons I've since seen. Surprisingly clean compared to the locals (that are held together by rust and bondo) and other than the issues mentioned and a need to refresh the awesome 80s tape lines, a solid body! Headlights modified to accept modern hellas including a change in wiring inside the cabin. Eventually a larger LP tank will be installed along with a propane cabin heating system. Hubcaps non-standard but fairly common design
Original 'radio' (I'm assuming here, could have been a premium feature alter added) replaced with Sony iPod/Bluetooth connective stereo. Front Infinity speakers, two rear Pioneer 4 inch cones. While maybe not 'entertainment' dual A/C Inverters (one rear mounted, the other actually drilled into the dash by P/O that used household wiring to make it work) meaning you, too, can have a desk fan blowing fresh air on you while you type on your Macintosh SE/30 (which I've done before.) Secondary battery system with isolating solenoid to power accessories, currently a battery vampire due to wiring problems with the headlamps requiring a battery quick disconnect which can be entertainment all its own!
Very truck-like. On the plus side ground clearance is excellent meaning I have a kinda-offroadish vehicle. I plan on refurbishing the suspension at some point with higher road clearance and all-terrain tires.
Wheel and Tire
There is only ONE set of tires available for the van in its original configuration (Yokohama truck tires) that do NOT last. Have you ever seen 13 inch wheels on a 5,000 lbs van? They are comically tiny. Eventually the K-mart hubcaps will be replaced with proper OEM VW shiny rims to be nicked at the first opportunity by disaffected local youths in trainers and hoodies.



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