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Showcase cover image for Sune Karlsson's 1970 Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato

General Information

Alfa Romeo
Junior Zagato
According to Marco Fazio "the chassis number AR 1800499 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior Z (105.93), manufactured on the 26th November 1970 and sold on the 29th December 1970 in Cantiano, Italy.
The body colour is white, with black skai interiors."

According to the seller the first owner of the car lived in Cagli, also in the Pesaro and Urbino province and only 10 kilometers from Cantiano, and owned the car up to 2001. The car was used sparingly and the claimed mileage at this time was 41 000 km.

The second owner had the car repainted in the original white and the engine, suspension and breaks overhauled. He then used the car even more sparingly, putting only 1200 km on the car until 2015. The ownership was then transferred to a lady who quickly sold the car to the man I bought the car from in February 2016.

I can verify the ownership history from 2001 by the computerized records, prior to that it is presumably hidden in a dusty archive.
1970 Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato (White)



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