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Alfa Romeo
Spider Veloce
Alfa Rosso (RED!!! It's Italian!!!)
This is my second Alfa. Her twin sister was totalled by a Toyota driver who decided that it was more important to fix her make-up in her rear-view mirror in the rain than to not run into the back of my beloved Italian bambina!
This car is identical to her sister except that my original had those atrocious automatic seatbelts, while my current ride has the traditional manual belts.
My first car was bought new at Bobcor Motors in New Jersey in 1988.
I bought my current baby in 2000- 13 years old with only 11,000 miles (documented!).
Between my two Alfas, I have close to 300k miles and 29 years of love!
1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce (Alfa Rosso (RED!!! It's Italian!!!))


Mostly stock
Spruell engine mounts
Replaced all the leather including the seats, and the shift and parking brake boots at the end of 2015 with the same pattern as original- all black with red stitching.
Momo "Tuner" 350mm Steering Wheel- also black leather with red stitching
Momo "Race Airleather" Shift Knob
LLoyd carpeted floor mats in black
Repainted in original Alfa Rosso at the end of 2015 when the silver trim on the bumpers were sprayed red. Otherwise- stock. Why mess with perfection?
Added a chassis stiffener- makes a BIG difference!
Oh- yes, that is a trailer hitch! I occasionally tow a 16' Hobiecat sailboat. It's quite a sight on the road!
Awesome Sony AM/FM/MP3 head unit with a 4 speaker set-up including separate tweeters mounted in the door panels, an 8" woofer behind the driver's seat, and a Soundstream amplifier behind the passenger's seat.
Mostly stock with poly bushings and adjustable front upper control arms
Koni red shocks at all 4 corners
Wheel and Tire
Stock 14" alloys
I used to have 215 width tires that hardly ever rubbed, but recently went back to the 185mm width- lets the rear end slide a bit more



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