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My father had a very beautiful, tan 1969 1750 Berlina when I was born in Turku in 1979. Eventually he sold it some time later to his class mate and bought it back in 1984, already neglected to a very rusty and worn car after standing outside in a parking lot for three winters.

That Alfa was his daily driver until he found an extraordinarily well preserved, dark blue '73 2000 from Helsinki while working for the Finnish Navy. He left a note on the windscreen every morning through the summer until one day the owner agreed to sell the car with a very notable price, but only if he got a lift to his summer cottage in Hanko. So, the 1750 was sold and apparently later got a GTV bodywork, and the blue 2000 moved to our family. Soon after we had also a 1.8 Alfetta, which is now owned by a fellow enthusiast, and the Alfa Virus just got worse in our family.

Today, we have more than twenty Alfa Romeos, mostly 105 in various project conditions, but this 2000 is in a very fine tune, with custom made stainless exhaust and the Momo Vegas that it had already back in 1985.

Notably, this 2000 has never had any rust to be repaired. Sadly, there was a small collision repair done after the Berlina spent a short period of time with another owner in the 1990s. Later on some kids scratched the passenger side of the car so that we were forced to have the original paint renewed, but luckily the interior still retains the correct scent of a new 105 series Alfa-Romeo, as a judge once noted out in the Club Alfa Romeo Finland's Concorso D'Originalita, which ofcourse we won that time.
1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 (Blu Olandese)


Very original and well preserved. Only change is the Martelius stainless steel racing exhaust with a very LOUD stinger tail.
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