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Balocco SE #77
Apparently sold new in California. Then spent many years in Wisconsin and Michigan as a daily driver and then kept as a weekend track car. I purchased her from the Chicago, IL area in late 2013. Enjoying it immensely. Very minor maintenance issues; the fuel return line burst once, but didn't leave me stranded. Completely rust free. I started attending track days at the New York Safety Track in 2015. The GTV6 is very competent on the track and can be pushed hard without breaking. I have made minor annual improvements in support of lower lap times, which have paid off; some alignment tweaks, some polyurethane bushings, a better set of tires..
1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 (Rosso)


Stock 2.5L with recent rebuild. Stock hydraulic belt tensioner. Very clean and no oil drips seem to indicate a recent replacement engine. I restored and relubed the two electric cooling fans. A few stock bits are missing like windshield washer and fluid tank, AC compressor, and inertial fuel pump cut-off switch is bypassed. The gaudy red paint added to the intake plenum and the valve cover highlights are poorly done and are being removed. In 2017 I sourced a clean 3.0L from a Milano Verde which will get checked out, cleaned up and installed someday.
Stock leather with the fake-red-stitch piping. Original red Balocco carpet. Headliner getting kinda dirty. Used to have roll cage, but was removed and minor trim patches put in by a prior owner. I fixed the noisy dash clock. Electric windows and electric side mirrors work. I have started track-racing her and reinstalled competition harness which hides under the rear bench when not in use. 5-point harness anchor points are concealed so I can quickly remove the harness after a track day.
Original stock red paint, touched-up in a few places. No sign of rust anywhere. Factory Balocco SE black stripe kit. I removed some white aftermarket graphics. Rear window louvers from a 'Maratona' were added by a previous owner, nice job, even installed the mounting clips are under the rear window gaskets. I have removed these louvers - too much rattling from the loose rivets.
Stock radio, inoperative.
Previously track raced. Well balanced. Front geometry appears to have added camber. I have no records of the products used, but by visual inspection and measuring, have learned it has upgraded Shankle front and rear sway bars. Visual inspection finds what looks like upgraded red rear springs. Yellow Koni's all round. Brake rotors are all slotted and vented. Upgraded (metallic) brake pads. I got it with mostly OEM rubber bushings. I've been methodically replacing them with polyurethane.
Wheel and Tire
Stock alloy rims with Dunlop Direzza DZ101 205/55 R15's for daily driving. After considering 17in rims with Nitto tires for the 2017 track season, the best rims were still the factory Campagnolo magnesiums, so I bought a spare set, had them powder coated and shod with fresh Direzza DZII Star Spec 205/55R15 for track days only. Optimum track day pressure cold is 37psi, 41psi hot.



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