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General Information

Alfa Romeo
164 Super TwinSpark
632 black metallic
Bought in 2009 as it was about to be scrapped. Many small body damages and overall neglected. Many electrical issues. But underneath a good solid car with low mileage. Most things were easy to fix. Body was fixed easy as well but I really struggled with getting the finish good enough. I liked the car so much that nothing was good enough than factory standard. Made a trip to Italy in it which was great. On the return from a trip to Belgium (Spa track) the gearbox started to act up on I lost 5th gear. Almost home and the noises appeared. Changed out the gearbox and soon after decided to make it into a restoration. That took me from 2012 to 2017.
1997 Alfa Romeo 164 Super TwinSpark (632 black metallic)


Replaced all parts related to fuel delivery. New intake hose (from a version without the later sound dampener), replaced all liquids including the power steering. New radiator. New engine mounts. New OEM spark plugs. Many new cooling system components. Really only the inside of the engine remained untouched.
Taken apart completely, cleaned and checked all the electricals. Rebuild climate control display and replaced all light bulbs in the dash. Upgraded the rear mirror to an auto-dim version from a V6.
New paint to the original color
Added the OEM tweeter system in the doors. Removed the antenna and rewired to use the in rear window antenna. Aftermarket radio for now but really it is hardly used.
New shocks, most bushings replaced, new wheel bearings, new stabilizer bar bushings, new brakes, etc. It drives like it came out of the factory
Wheel and Tire
I located the specification on how it left the factory which was on steel wheels. Some cheap aftermarket wheels were on the car and after the restoration, I found original wheels as were an option at the time. In bad shape so these have been fully refurbished too.