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This car was actually bought brand new as a wedding present from my Grandfather to my Father in Italy. After a year, my parents moved back to Australia and the car came along with them. So basically, this car has been in my life since day one, in fact, when I was born, I was taken home from the hospital in it!! I used to love going for drives with my Father, and would make any excuse for us to go with the Alfa rather than one of my Mother's mediocre cars whenever we needed to go somewhere!! Not only that, but I used to love the stories my Father told me about all the racing success that these cars used to have, the history of the brand, how it was more than just a car. My Father drove this car every day until 2004 when the engine needed to be rebuilt. The decision was then made to give the car a freshen up, and as per usual, one thing led to another and now the car has been completely rebuilt. It has had a complete mechanical overhaul, including the entire drivetrain, braking and hydraulic system, steering and suspension. I took care of the electrical work, interior upholstery and trimmings myself. We have endeavoured to keep the car looking as original as possible while modifying the performance of the car to suit both track and street.
1972 Alfa Romeo GT Junior (Red)


Under the hood lives a 2 litre Nord engine that has had a few modifications done to it to liven it up. We wanted to build an engine that was strong but liveable, especially since my Father would still be driving the car every so often. Basically, the engine was rebuilt with 10.5:1 Borgo pistons and liners, shot peened rods, with the bottom end balanced. The head was skimmed slightly to give a measured 10.8:1 compression, reworked around the valve bowl area, ports cleaned up and reshaped, match ported, with 10548 cams. Carbies are Weber 40's with 32mm chokes, and GTA rampipes. I have also installed an electric fuel pump. On the ignition side, the car has a Flamethrower Coil and a Fully Programmable 123 Ignition with custom maps. I have also made up a custom catch can that resides where the battery once lived. The car also has a full Alfaholics Stainless Steel exhaust system, with the under the axle modification. The gearbox is a standard 5 speed, rebuilt, along with a rebuilt and balanced driveshaft and a rebuilt Berlina Automatic 4.3:1 LSD rear end. Future upgrades will probably be some RJR camshafts, EFI conversion using modified Carbies as ITBs to keep the original look and an oil cooler. Power? Absolutely no idea, but it does pull quite well!! Might get it on a dyno soon!!
The interior has been kept largely original, with tasteful modifications to certain parts of it to give the car its own flair. My Father installed the 1750 console within the first 6 months of ownership and that has stayed on. I made the wood trim out of Jarrah veneer and retrimmed the consoles myself. The dash was done professionally however!! Continuing on, I retrimmed the front seats myself, while the back seats were kept original as they were in great condition. I have also retrimmed the door panels, door handles, map pockets, parcel shelf and installed new carpet. Underneath, the car has been completely rewired using a Painless Wiring kit. To top it off, I have installed a GTA steering wheel, which I must admit is absolutely delightful to use!! Although I wanted to keep the original front seats at first, after running the car in anger and sliding around far too much, I have decided that I will install classic style buckets, much like the GTA Corsa had. In the boot, there is a racing battery, although you can't really see it as I have trimmed up the boot to make it look simple and clean.
Exterior modifications are simply limited to a custom red paintjob and brand new headlights, indicators and rear tail lights. The Bertone sill badges have been removed, all chrome work has been polished and the badges have been updated to the pretty enamel ones. The car sits quite low and rides on 15" Alfaholics GTA Superleggera Replica wheels, with 205/50 Yokohama Neova AD08 tyres. For the meantime, the bumpers have not been put back on as I have lost some of the mounting brackets, but they will go back on soon!!
Personally, I would much rather enjoy the music from my engine rather than from some half-wit with a computer that sounds like a modem, but unfortunately my companions seem to disagree (well, only some of them, and theyre usually the ladies!!). So I have installed a four speaker system, with two in the front console and two in the rear side trims. I wanted to keep the dash clean and elegant, so I decided not to have a head unit in the dash, but rather, I installed an amplifier in the boot and I run an auxiliary cord inside the console, where a port protrudes on the side near the handbrake.
The suspension modifications to this car have been made with the track in mind. As such, the car has an Alfaholics Fast Road Kit C, with Koni Yellows all round as well as GTA top arms and the spindle has been extended at the top. All bushes have been replaced with polyurethane ones where applicable, and all other bushes, balljoints and tie rods have been replaced with premium versions. I have also upgraded the front brakes to 75 Brembo calipers, along with slotted and drilled discs all round and braided brake lines. Also, when the car was originally brought over to Australia, it had to be converted to RHD. Unfortunately, the job was horrible and involved a torsion bar running across firewall to actuate the booster. As such, I tore out all of the braking system and converted it to original RHD spec with pedals on the floor. Unfortunately at this height, bump steer is a bit of a problem, especially on our horrible roads here in Adelaide, so I am in the process of designing a modification to the steering arms and lower suspension geometry to fix these issues. Regardless, on smooth, twisty roads, the car is a blast and has absolutely no problems!! Future upgrades will most probably involve front suspension geometry changes and a conversion of the T-Bar to either a Watts or Mumford Linkage.
Wheel and Tire
Wheels and tyres are 15" Alfaholics GTA Superleggera Replica wheels, with 205/50 Yokohama Neova AD08 tyres.



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