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gt 1600 junior
My grandfather bought the car second hand in 1973 after an Alfa Romeo dealership traded it in as a deposit on a new Mercedes Benz truck. He was working for Mercedes Benz at the time and worked out a deal to make it his company car and at the end of the year he bought it off Mercedes and gave it to my grandmother. She then used it to take my mother and her siblings to school and back. When my mother turned 17 she then learnt to drive in the car. My aunt then made use of the car in the early 80's until it dropped a sleeve. My grandfather then took this as an opportunity to replace the tires and of course to put in the 1750 engine. Upon completing the swap he pushed it into the back yard under a makeshift shelter and left it there until he gave the car to me in 2011. When we pulled the car out of the shelter only to find that the tires still held air except for one and that the total distance covered on then was from the front yard to the back yard. We are now undertaking a complete rebuild with a few personal tweaks.
1972 Alfa Romeo gt 1600 junior (Red)


1750 DOHC with the original 1600 sitting in the wings for when the mood hits.
Cobra classic style bucket seats but the rest is fairly original.
GTA style wide body kit.
Bilstein but nothing fancy
Wheel and Tire
I will cross that bridge when I get there.


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