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Alfetta Coupe
The Flying Dentist Dave Laughlin. Built the car with his son Jamie and raced it through New England. A proven winner and an incredible car. It scares me!! It's FAST! Found these trophies thrown in the back. Bought it 15 years ago and it sat since 1989, so about 8 years ago I decided to start her, went though the usual stuff and fired her up! Scared my Family and neighbors driving up and down the street.
First real drive was funny, I'm just looking at the Tach driving down 89, and while revving 6500 I looked to the right and I was doing 130MPH, WHAT A Car!!
Had a few people drive her at 2015 convention in the parking lot and they were amazed, Jose hugged me for allowing him to drive it!! Got in trouble for the noise, and wasn't allowed to drive her for the rest of the convention! Picture Below!!
Here's the rest!! Only get 3 Garages? I'm a Basket Case! Picture of Da Carrier 2015 Convention.
Left to right 87 Milano(Da NEW Winta Beata), Me Race Car, GiGi, 82 Spider. Da Pumpkin, 75 Alfetta Sedan, and 84 GTV-6.

My Garage is big, but the Alfabb has limits!
1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Coupe


GOK the mods in this motor, but it has 48mm Webers and I added a Bosch CDI in the ignition, and added a CDI in my Sedan all original SPICA, and for both cars cold start is way better and the Sedan runs way smoother. As far as the Race Car, Oil cooler, weird stuff like springs on the dipstick and oil cap? I can remove the exhaust by cutting 4 steal wires and removing 2 springs, that's cool for drive shaft work. Lot of duct work brake master front brakes. The rear duct behind the rear window are functional coolers for the rear brakes and I can remove 4 wing nuts under the hatch and change the rear brakes and adjust them. Has a fuel cell. Has a muffler in the rear, but I can remove it and put a straight pipe on, came with the car. 10 HP and what a sound! I hope someday to get her on the track?
New Racing seats, 5 point harness, tiny fat steering wheel, roll bar, rear seat gone, CB Radio. Fire Extinguisher.

OK the last one Da New Winta Beats, yes I drive ALFAs year around and pick her up 2 winters ago now on her 3rd and love it. It's Got HEAT!!! Starts at 20 Below and drives though the Snow like stink. I pass 4WD's with this beast. Great car with low miles.

Always Looking For Another, well I could resist this one, I hate you Kevin! What a Car! Been a long time since I bought an ALFA this well sorted out. Thanks Kevin, I'm honored to own this beast!!
Just steel bumpers. The front is a 74 GTV, had to put something there to get i on the road.
The rear came with the car and have no idea what car it's from.

Closeup of the others!
75 Fetta Sedan all original, has paint cancer that's it, PATINA?, beautiful and what a driver. I take it everywhere with no worries. Rides so nice, comfortable, and for such a small car. Seat are HUGE!
Put late model steel bumpers on her, the others got Cancer! Looks Cool!

82 Spider 1st one, owned her over 30 years, was Black with tan interior Rubber bumpers, to Pluma and Black, Steel bumpers Best year 1st with Bosch. Got me hooked!!
Summer fun at it's best.

84 GTV-6 25 years all original, but she has her modifications, Euro down pipes, S-Cams, original motor 130K purrs like a kitten, but the coolest thing We did with this one was to upgrade the transmission. I removed the gears from my 84 and put them in 82 differential, what a cruiser and it flies, believe it or not 140MPH. Have the Original Trash Tires, but must use a better tire hence the Verde rims.
Had to put a 750 watt stereo. 10" speakers in boxes screwed to the car where the rear seat was. The motor is LOUD!! Can stand it for only so long. Drive Bare foot so I feel the motor, that's how I drive!! ALFA Hippie. Picture of amp below, It's big!!
Totality Beefed up, again it was like this when I got it. The sway bars both front and rear are huge, lowered
very tight and responsive. Shankle Maybe??
Wheel and Tire
5 lug wheel were added as well with Ronaldi Rims and I added Nitto Tires, nice tire sticky. GTV-6 front brakes.



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