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Cioccolato Sfumato
US spec bumpers and 4.9L engine.
There are some good 'driving impression' videos posted of this Bora on YouTube, just look me up as "Arthur Harvey".. Hand-built at the Maserati factory in Modena, and sold new in Los Angeles, CA for a blistering $39,900. Moved to Seattle, WA. Then driven to Virginia and Georgia where it sat for about 22 years. I purchased it in non-running condition in Oct 2012. Thoroughly cleaned and mechanically recommissioned it with Dave Burnham Citroen in Delanson, NY. Been reliable and fantastic to wrench on ever since. Total production worldwide 564. Of those, 275 were sold with the larger 4.9L V8 engine in this US spec Bora. This is one of 17 imported to US for the 1975 model year. Good parts supply. Rebuilt the brake calipers myself, installed OEM Euro-spec exhaust headers, I tune the 4 DCNF 42 Webers every other year if it's not running perfectly. Very solid performer, excellent visibility out, very little nose-lift at 100mph+ speeds. Long distance comfort is less than perfect, but adjustable pedal distance, tilt/telescope steering column, and decent seats are absolutely remarkable for its time. I own a modern Aston Martin and it's astounding to experience how competent the Bora is in comparison for being nearly 40 years older. Ciao.
1975 Maserati Bora (Cioccolato Sfumato)


Stock: Maserati DOHC 4.9L aluminum V8. Hemi heads. 4 weber DCNF 42 carbs. 5 speed manual ZF transaxle with integral 4.10 ratio limited slip differential. Approx [email protected] / 340ft.lbs @ 4500rpm.
Full leather. Original color was Rosso/Nero. Prior owner had it reupholstered in Cream/Black. Electric windows, AC, Driver's seat height adjustable. Pedals adjust forward/backward. Tilt/telescope steering column. Passenger seat and foot rest is fixed.
Originally metallic silver, with red interior. Prior owner had it painted very dark brown - "Cioccolato Sfumato" ....(at least that's the color I tell serious Maseristi. It's actually a '91 Renault color).. The brushed stainless roof insert is fixed, not a Targa feature.
The only entertainment one needs is the engine sound.
1st Maserati with full independent suspension.
Stock: Double A-arms, coils and shocks both front and rear. Front and rear sway bars.
Wheel and Tire
Currently 215/70 ZR15 Pirelli 4000's at 35psi front and rear. Factory spec tires were Michelin XWX's.



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