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Giulia Sprint GT Veloce
This car is a Tipo 105.36 with Chassis number confirming a 1968 Giulia Sprint GT Veloce. It is thought to have a November 13, 1967 build date and is titled as 1967 model.
1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce (Red)


The car is powered by a non-original 1.6-liter twin-cam four sourced from an earlier Sprint GT, and the 5-speed manual sends power to a later-spec limited-slip differential. Exhaust updated with a stainless steel muffler and exhaust tip. Under hood updates also included a rebuild of the twin Weber DCOE carburetors, restoration of the wiring harness, and addition of the following:
1) New brake booster, silicon hoses, and gaskets
2) Centerline electronic ignition and alternator
3) Electric fuel pump supplementing original mechanical unit
4) Gear reduction starter
5) Powder-coated intake manifold and valve cover
6) Ceramic-coated exhaust manifold
7) Electric windshield washer pump, replacing foot pump and 2-speed Bosch wipers
8) Stainless steel screws throughout the engine compartment
Black upholstery and trim were reinstalled as part of the refresh. Updates include the wood-rimmed Hellebore steering wheel and AR-logo shift knob. A period-correct speedometer has replaced a non-original piece, and the 5-digit odometer shows 1,100 miles, with true mileage unknown.
A strip down of the exterior, interior, engine compartment, and trunk revealed the car was originally white with a tan interior and had been repainted in red several times. Body repairs were completed where needed, and a repaint in Red (DBC 71818) was applied in 2010 by Kings Classics Restoration outside Indianapolis, Indiana.
Wheel and Tire
Newer 14″ GTA-style alloy wheels wear Prelli P4 tires.



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