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General Information

Alfa Romeo
Verde Chiaro Met. A.R. 246
Veloce (Leather Seats, Cloth Top, Digital Clock, FPS Campy-style Daytonas, PW, PM, but no A/C)
Built and purchased in 1985 in New York state. Moved to Parachute, Colorado with original owner in 2003. Sold and moved to Bozeman, Montana with new owner in 2014 at 30,668 miles.

I bought it in August, 2017 at 31,550 miles from Snyder Motors in Bozeman, MT who had it on consignment for the owner, and drove it home to Manitou Springs, CO. Mileage is believed fairly accurate based on condition of original leather seats and the interior in general.
1985 Alfa Romeo Spider (Verde Chiaro Met. A.R. 246)


All original other than oil and air filters, plug wires, and some hoses. A wax-like 'Cosmoline' rust-proofing was sprayed under the hood, and a more tar-like black coating applied inside the spare wheel well at some point quite long ago. The car seems otherwise very original throughout, including a number of vacuum hoses still with braided cloth covering, and no exceptionally new-looking parts under the hood or chassis other than upper control arms from Vick Autosport installed in 2015.
No modifications of the interior (black) are evident other than the addition of aftermarket floor mats and a wooden gear shift knob with Alfa logo; I gather from period photographs that the original wood knob would have had the shift pattern inlaid in white. I replaced the one broken and one dried out rubber hold-down straps for the soft top with NOS parts (the aftermarket replacements I started with are not nearly as elastic as the originals).
Period-correct (possibly dealer-installed...?), deck-mounted luggage rack - stainless steel with teak inserts. Original sealed-beam headlights replaced with H4 halogen bulb types. Appears to have had a full-body re-spray in the original color some years ago. Other spiders that look like it have been advertised as Verde Acqua Mettallizato A.R. 242 (Sea Green Metallic), but the label in the trunk says 'Verde Chiaro Met. A.R. 246' (Light Green Metallic). The canvas top is fresh enough it must be a replacement.
No-name (cassette door is missing) head unit lights up, but makes no sound through the single pair of 6" JCV two-ways in original kick panel locations - likely due to the cable being disconnected from the in-windshield antenna. Currently satisfied with music from the Italian orchestra under the hood.
Bone stock.
Wheel and Tire
Ancient Cooper Mastercraft 185/70R14 tires on original FPS-manufactured Campagnolo-style 'Daytona' 5-spoke 6J alloy rims will be replaced with General Altimax RT tires that Tire Rack rated above the Yokohama Avid Touring-S I was previously considering for handling feel and wet traction. Spare rim was replaced with a good used one due to the original being badly curb-rashed.



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