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Alfa Romeo
Giulia Spider
Originally white
Born on April 15, 1964, La Bella, AR 379356, engine 00112*0621, came into the world adorned in 003 Porcelain/China White with a Black interior.

She was sold on 16th July, 1964 to Alfa Romeo Inc., Newark USA., though , she was first titled in 1966.

In April, 2014, I found the car listed on Hemming's Online Classified's and contacted the owner. We negotiated a price and two of my four sons, and I, made the long trip from Tulsa, OK, to White Plains, NY,. to Dominick's European Car Service and picked her up and brought her home to Tulsa.

In reality, the old girl was a genuine basket case. Fortunately, two POs back, Mike Besic was contracted to go through the engine and trans and make all things new, for which I am so grateful!

I have been able to trace her history back through three POs; Tennessee, Illinois and New Hampshire and the earliest of those owners has lived in Tennessee for many years. Even though he was not the original owner, I suspect that the car had spent a great many years in TN, and may have been purchased at the Madison Smith Naturally dealership located at 1811 Broad St., Nashville, TN.
1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider (Originally white)


Though born a Normale. La Bella came with a pair of brand new Weber 40s, so I on the lookout for late 101 1600 Veloce or an early 105 dual carb, screw-in thermostat manifold that won't require selling the car to finance.
Though originally born with an all-black interior, La Belle will sport a nice deep, dark red interior (seats, door/side panels and the drape) if I can source what I need.
Somewhere along the line, she was painted Celeste Blue and later, Resale Red. Currently, she's undergoing body and paint work and will be returning to her original birthday suit of 003 Porcelain White.

No changes scheduled here, but I would love to go with a set of Panasport-style wheels if I can find a set to fit the 155 X 15 Vredestein tires I have purchased.
All stock at this point, but with everything off the car, anything is possible.
Wheel and Tire
Wanted to go with 165 X 15s, but all the alfisiti convinced me that I should stay with the stock 155 width. That being said, I really would like a Minilite-style wheel by Panasport or a Rota that would fit the original-sized tires, or some a bit wider.



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