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Brad Philhower
Alfa Romeo
Spider Veloce
Rossa (Signal Red)
Still gathering some history (hopefully) from Alfa. I’m convincing myself I may have one of the last Kamm Tails produced. Just a few months after mine rolled out of the factory, the Duck Tails began rolling. I’m anxious to learn what Alfa digs up for me.
I’m sure everyone has their own stories about their Alfa. For me, it was quite a day. I won’t go deep into it, but here are the highlights. Drove 2 1/2 hours with my son to meet someone, whose name I didn’t even know, to look at a Spider. Turned out, the guy was a 60+ year old hardware store owner who immigrated from, you guessed it, Italy. I could only understand about 70% of what he said, but he was very nice and full of big Italian personality. Decided to buy the car, and made a deal, but had to race to the bank to get money before they closed. Deal done, title signed, we headed out, my son driving my car, me driving my new Spider.

25 miles up the road, we stopped for gas and a bathroom break. When we were ready to hit the road again, the car wouldn’t start. Ended up having it towed to my parents house, which was about a third of the way home. Parked in their garage to allow me to come up with a plan.

Came back the next week, with new fuel pumps and filter, and did some repair work. After some work, the moment of truth...She started right up, and purred like a kitten. Did a few short drives around town and was convinced she’d make it home, and we were able to drive it the rest of the way home. On the drive home, at a light, a car pulls up next to me and the driver asks me what I was driving. I told him and he responded, “That car kicks ***,” and that, my fellows Alfistis, is exactly why I wanted it. She now rests comfortably in my garage. She’s running great (today), but I have a laundry list of things I need/want to do to it. Mid-life crisis being fed.







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