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Third owner. Father/Son duo owned vehicle from new where it was purchased in 1990 in Salt Lake City. Vehicle purchased as a result of 'I'll bid the start price plus one dollar' auction. Top Gear challenge ensued in which vehicle failed to make the 240 mile drive due to seized A/C compressor (with less than 40 miles to go!) Less than a week after returning the car and finally getting it registered, valve dropped. Named 'Gargantua' due to it being what the current owner considers a 'Gentle Singularity' due to its consumption of engine parts on a steady slow basis and not briefly violent. This is one of two photos I managed to capture of the car since buying it, both with it on an AA lorrie.
1991 Alfa Romeo 164L (Black)


Soon enough there WILL be a replacement V6 with approximately 85,000 miles on it with matching transmission. For now, there is only shattered dreams and a half consumed valve. A/C Compressor replaced after previous unit lost bearings, melted the coil housing and seized (wish I'd taken pictures) and tweaked for R134a performance.
Removed stock hands free cellphone kit circa 1992. Front seats need a redye, uncertain if the seat heaters are operational at this time. Center arm-rest to be replaced by less 'Utah'd' OEM salvaged unit. Rear seats clean for the most part, but need redyed anyhow. Carpets worn, floor mats shot. All the buttons stick (and therefore need contact cleaner) and the P/O thought he'd be clever and replace a damaged window switch with an Audi one.. ignoring the fact that it glows a different color than the rest, he put it in backwards. I think this is brilliant and refuse to correct it!
Image of Gargantua in its natural habitat thus far (to be fair everyone of my cars has been transported by the local towing company once or twice, they actually known me on a first name basis, but I tell myself it's funny because that makes me less sad :-( )
Stock cassette deck works wonderfully, however CD/Cassette deck purchased from Mopar vehicle. Driver's speaker shot, others excellent! For what it's worth too, driving it with NO music on is actually quite nice. The one long drive I took it on was simply fantastic in how fun it was to drive, and quiet! True, my point of reference is two convertibles and a 1981 Vanagon which drowns out everything else with its piddly 65hp flat four motor that dreams of Porschedom.
Appears stock. No squeaks or rattles, given my car history, this makes me suspicious >.>. I expect soon there will be stories of Gargantua deciding all at once it didn't need shock towers at all or a multi-link rear suspension.
Wheel and Tire
It has both! no, in all seriousness original rims are in good shape and the tires have a few years of life left on them. Still has the spare and tool kit along with the smoothest emergency jack I've ever had the pleasure to use.



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