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General Information

Alfa Romeo
Duetto Spider 1600
Medium Blue Exterior / Burgundy Interior
10/06/1966 Manufacture date
10/06/1966 Sold to Alfa Frankfurt Germany
01/01/1971 Purchased by Vito Tripoli in Ohio from Alfa Romeo dealer used car lot
01/01/1990 Given to his son John
12/15/2007 Purchased from John's wife in Ohio
Had been sitting in garage for more than 10 years.
Has original unused spare tire, came with original 1966 tires on wheels.
Has Marchal headlamps installed and factory hardtop.

Gordon Raymond restored the DCOE27 carbs.
I went through suspension, brakes, electrical, fuel lines, and cooling system.
I found 185 psi compression for all 4 cylinders
1966 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider 1600 (Medium Blue Exterior / Burgundy Interior)


- Installed 1970's Fiamm air horns with switch for electric horns.
- Installed flyback diode for ignition switch to starter solenoid to increase the ignition switch contact lifetime.
- Radiator recored with no modifications to radiator.
- Original seat coverings and door panels.
- Original rubber floor mats all around
- New carpet for tunnel from World Wide Upholstery. Burgundy
- Installed removeable LED brake light tied to brake switch. Sits on hardtop shelf with velcro.
Installed all new exhaust system with stinger.

Installed RJ intake and exhaust cams and wideband AFR, runs great. Rejetted carbs. More torque.

Installed temperature sender in oil filter manifold and wired to water temperature via a switch for oil temperature indication.

Connected a stainless braided oil line from block to a brass block with sender unit and additional tubing for mechanical oil pressure gauge indication.

Ignition switch: Wired the cathode of a diode to the wire going to starter solenoid to prevent damage to electrical contacts after starter solenoid drops out. This prevents damage to contacts.

Installed vintage Fiamm Air Horns via a switch. I can switch between Air or Electric horns.

Installed LED 3rd Brake light by wiring to brake pressure switch in engine compartment.
Exhaust, cams, and intake!
New coils, shocks, and bushings.
Wheel and Tire
Powder coated wheels.
New tires.



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