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General Information

Alfa Romeo
Berlina 1750
Verde Muschio
Originally sold and always owned in Tasmania, Australia, as far as I know.
I met the first owner once, she chased me down the road. Told me how she had loved it, but her husband "made her" sell it.
I have owned it for 20 years, bought unregistered for $1000 au, with a badly pockmarked roof and bonnet from hail damage,- it was ugly.
I had it de-rusted and resprayed about 7 years ago, but it was poorly done and needs it again.

This car will never be fully original, but I'll keep it forever.
1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina 1750 (Verde Muschio)


Engine rebuilt by me 4 years ago; has Weber 40/32's as supplied. I fitted Pertronix basic electronic ignition. That seems to work well.
I used JH pistons, machined crank, honed bores, balanced with clutch, lightened flywheel, long- duration cams of unknown origin. Runs like a swiss watch on Penrite full synthetic, races past the red line.
Currently has Recaros, but my original seats are being re-upholstered now. Needs new carpet. I'm trying to repair another dash, as mine is badly cracked.
Has been de-bumpered, bars removed from grille, stainless mesh used instead of the flimsy original standard expanded aluminium mesh.
Not yet.
Red Konis in the back. New bushes all round. Cheap 175/75 tyres, at 35 psi.
I have an LSD from a 2 litre Berlina, but needs to be serviced before I swap it. This should take advantage of the slight engine upgrade and slightly less weight (no bumpers- they're heavy mothers).
Wheel and Tire
Has Porsche (VW) 924 6 1/2 x 14 wheels, using bronzed and turned 19 mm bolts to fit the cup- shape in the wheel, which on the Porsche was a stud. LH threaded studs on LHS changed to RH thread.



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