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Alfa Romeo
Spider Veloce
silver/ then White
This Car sat for 10 yrs in a driveway, uncovered, just out in the elements about 4 min from my house. One day I drove by in October 2014 I said what the heck and asked if it was for sale, $500.00 later I towed it home, stripped it down never started it. I began the rebuilding project on 10-17-14.
I learned as I went a long with this car, I have done this to cars before never an Alfa. On 7-19-15 I started it for the first time and have been driving it since. What a Fantastic Car this was to rebuild. All work was done by me alone and with passion.
1985 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce (silver/ then White)


ported and polished intake, new injectors, new boots, plugs, belt, all hoses and vacuum line, battery, windshield pump, master brake and clutch, wires, and took the head lights off the main fuse panel and made then dedicated them to their own power source. Made an box with a K&N filter. skid plate for oil sump. All pumps are new and fuel lines all new as well as fuel tank.
These are not the original seat I fabricated these to fit there from a Smart car.
I finally went out and bought a sewing machine and started sewing. I made the Italian Bra and several other items that you can't see. I think I found a new hobby.
Sony 4 speakers CD player, blue tooth, mp3, and phone jack with mic.
Wheel and Tire
powder coated jet black stock rims. New rotors, calipers, and ceramic pads. New brake lines



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